Chapeltown Art & Sound

Design For Print // Promotional Design

I designed a run of posters for a selection of events during the build up to the Chapeltown Carnival      representing culture within the local community.

In this project I intend to create a run of posters for events based around the build up to the Chapeltown Carnival. Since Chapeltown is originally were the West Indian Community first immigrated to in Leeds and has still got a strong community there for these poster designs I’m going to be looking in to how I can connect with the
whole of Chapeltown as well as the West Indian Community through these designs.


The way I plan to do this is to look in to what I know about the culture through experience as well as music and to visit Chapeltown on a regular basis to build up knowledge of the area and culture to gather some ideas.


My idea of equally mixing my audience in the designs I’ll be aiming it at Chapeltown as a whole but I’ll also consider the West Indian community as well so I’ll be thinking of how I can make this doable by splitting my idea in two and looking at Chapeltown as an area and excluding any culture but then trying to think of what I can use to connect with the culture then to combine the both of them to produce these posters.