Chapeltown Arts Festival 2016

Promotional & Editorial Design

Design For Print

I was asked to design and brand promotional material expressing unity and coming together whilst maintaining memorable branding and design work throughout.

Chapeltown Arts Festival takes place July 4-10th July in Chapeltown, Leeds developing a programme of events that gives voice to and a platform for artists working and living in the area and promotes community participation.


In its 3rd year the festival will be featuring events across poetry, ceramics, dance, music, risograph zines, cakes and exhibitions.

The brief will include a redesign of the festival brochure and leaflets, development of social media and website, and
the opportunity for new ideas and approaches to promoting
the festival.

Festival would like a brochure that is both legible, useful and more like an artwork / piece of design that might be kept as a memory of the event.​