About Me

Typography // Branding // Illustration

Promotional & Editorial Design

Digital // Design For Print & Web


"Being inspired by culture, my surroundings and aspects of day-to-day life I take a conscious approach to graphic design with my knowledge and inspirations."

I’m a multidisciplinary graphic artist and designer whose current practices are mainly design for print, editorial design, promotional design and typography but I still experiment with a whole range of different medias, processes and disciplines.

During my time as a graphic designer I’ve became conscious of the connection we get with art and design through expressive use of type, layout, color and so on.

Because of this I’ve interpreted this way of working in to my own practice for such work like promotional and editorial design to provoke thought and reaction from the viewer.

Working this way pushes me to think openly about how to approach my work which leads me to explore areas where I’ve never thought I would of ended up before.

I’ve found this way of working very rewarding, inspiring, self-motivating and a good way of keeping things interesting and fresh for myself in the future.

Over the years I’ve worked for a range of clients producing everything from editorial and promotional material, branding to shop front designs and large scale murals.

As well as this since late 2015 I've been working on a freelance basis with the dance music record label M62 Records producing everything from promotional material to EP covers.

Being a multidisciplinary graphic artist and designer gives me transferrable skills enabling me to work across almost all mediums without a problem.