Rehearsal Room Flyer

Promotional Design

Design For Print // Typography


For this double sided flyer design using type, colour and layout i tried to create harmony between both sides of the flyer to create a singular object of information.

For this client I was asked to design a double sided flyer to advertise a local music rehearsal room.​ Here I chose to use Aktiv Grotesk for the main information to give clarity to the message.


For smaller information and to give insight to the rehearsal room I chose to create contrast between information by using an outlined version of Aktiv Grotesk as well as PT Serif.

A main key to the design of the flyer is also how I’ve used type and layout to create the aesthetic illusion that both sides of the flyer are working together in harmony creating more of an object then two separate sides to create a natural flow of information adding to the viewers experience of the flyer.