Rooted Huddersfield

Promotional Design // Typography

Design for Print & Web // Digital

This is a clean version of a design Idid for an event in Huddersfield where I tried to represent clarity and movement combined with small print to create meaning,understanding
and experience.

Always read the small print – Promotional poster design for a new music night based in Huddersfield.

For this design I looked in to how I could be expressive but also represent clarity and movement with my choice of type, layout and colour. For clarity of the main information I chose ITC Avant Garde Gothic with a contrasting outlined version to accompany it followed by Aktiv Grotesk for smaller information.

Using PT Serif for body text I gave an insight in to what music they play at the event using key words, not as a form of communication but as a form of meaning to represent taking a closer look to understand and experience.