a.Wolfenden Studio is a independent graphic arts and design studio that specialises in enhancing the visual potential for individuals, businesses, brands and more through conceptual design and the use of various mediums and materials.

Graphic Design // Branding // Murals
Supergraphics // Typography // Print
Promotional & Editorial Design
Illustration // Digital // Web & More

The philosophy of the studio is to create new experiences in design. Real life design you can feel, stand next to, pick up and experience whether this be print design or even a large scale painted mural.


I want to push brands to make them stand out from others with individuality and strong aesthetic. With my experience, skills and knowledge of varying mediums and practices creates a cross over in design skills giving clients freedom to push ideas and visually further their brand.


Furthering a brand could mean taking design beyond screen or printed matter.
        This could be anything from exterior and interior graphics to murals and signage or simply a more niche printing method such as screen print or risograph.

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