Levi's Music Project

Branding // Digital


More on the Levi's Music Project here

I was selected by Warner Music Group to be one of the six designers to produce visual identities for the Levi's Music Project being lead by Loyle Carner ahead of Liverpool Sound City 2019.

My selected student was singer Michael Aldag. For his design we met up and discussed influences as well as listened to his music. Doing this it was noted how his music was acoustic with a small digital element. Knowing this I replicated the idea by hand making the design and compositing it together digitally.

The visual content was inspired by the process thinking about identity were I’d initially create a spider diagram to start off the project. I carried on this idea using printed out colour photos and other supporting elements to represent his uplifting style of music.

On top of this I was given the opportunity to be interviewed for Levi's magazine about the process of the project. One of the main aspects of the project was for the students to be involved throughout the process to be engaged and have their input into the design in preparation for their future music careers.